Capacity: 1500
Stage Dimensions: 30’ Wide, 18’ Deep, 4’ Tall, 45’ Ceiling
Sound Specs: 12x L Acoustics Kudos (flown 6 per side)
12x L Acoustics SB28
6x L Acoustics DV-Dosc
2x L Acoustics DV-Sub
4x L Acoustics  115XT HI Q
10x L Acoustics LA8
1x Allen and Heath Qu-16
1x Allen and Heath AR2412
Power: 1 x 200A 3phase 240V stage right(lighting use)
1 x 200A Single phase stage left (audio use)
Power Location: Stage right and stage left approximately 20’ off stage
Lights: Ten (10) Cyberlights, hung from grid
Eight (8) Mac 700 on deck
Two (2) Studio Colors
Ten (10) Proto Beam 5R, on deck (Generic)
Sixteen (16) Proto 101 LED Moving Heads (Generic 11*)
Four (4) Atomic 3000s, on deck
One (1) Radiance Hazer
Two (2) Confetti Cannons (continues)
Ten (10) CO2 Jets
One (1) M1 Console, M2Go
Video/LED: Down stage 12’x2.5′ 7mm pitch
Up stage 21’x10′ 7mm pitch
One (1) processor at FOH takes video, VGA, or DVI (can be moved on stage if needed)
Rigging: 2’x2′ Overhead Grid with multiple rigging points
Production Office: The Touring production office is available. It is 25’ x 15’ and is equipped with tables, chairs, AC, Lights, and WIFI.
Parking: Stereo Live has a 210 space parking lot on sight that can accommodate tour bus parking.
Dressing Rooms: Dressing room is located up one flight of stairs backstage left. 10’ x 15’ and is equipped with tables, personal refrigerator, chairs, AC, Lights, and WIFI.
Restrooms: Restrooms are located inside dressing room, also facilities on balcony level, and first floor. Shower is located inside dressing room
1st Floor Dimensions: PDF Download – 1st Floor Dimensions
2nd Floor Dimensions: PDF Download – 2nd Floor Dimensions